Starting out is never easy but with this guide you can become rich easy just take these simple steps to richness. :D Ok so you start off with the Training which you can use ::train for and kill rock crabs untill you get 99 attack, strength, and defence(take the money while doing that). Now that you got that also get 45 Range then go home and buy a inventory of Ourg bones and bury them then Get a Rune knife and go to ::Td or ::Torm and get some dragon claws. Now once you have gotten some Dragon claws sell some of them for 20m each. Ok now you should have some money get up to 900m(to buy full Torva) if you cant with Dragon claws then try going to ::Barrows and kill Dharok(only take the cash). Now you are on your way to success Good luck


training at ::train

Starter stuff

Starter items


::Barrows killing Dharok